What is a Scorpio ?

What is a Scorpio ?

We have put together an article summarizing what's a scorpio, the different aspects and personality traits for each Scorpio with its ascendant as well as the meaning of this astrological sign.

What does Scorpio mean ?  

Scorpio ♏ is a person who is born while the sun is in Scorpio. It is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Scorpius.

What planet rules scorpio and when does scorpio season start ? 

The planet that rules the sign is Pluto.

Under the tropical zodiac (most commonly used in western astrology). The Sun transits this sign on average from October 23 to November 22. 

Under the sidereal zodiac, the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 15. 

Depending on which zodiac system we use, a person born under the influence of Scorpio may be called either a Scorpio or a Scorpion.

What kind of sign is scorpio ?  

You probably ask youself “Is scorpio a water sign or  “Is scorpio an air sign ?” Well, scorpio is a water sign amongst Pisces and Cancer, indeed.

Those three signs have an easy time understanding each other. Indeed, emotion and affective reactions are the factor that is supposed to play the greatest role in their lives. We do understand better what is scorpio element now.

What is the personality of a scorpio ?

Scorpio's character : a complex but powerful sign

For the Scorpio native, causes that they consider to be just come first. Thus, Scorpios are capable of sacrificing or forgetting themselves for a matter of principle or to help someone.

With a strong personality, Scorpios do not let themselves be pushed around. Firm and courageous, they can appear shady, even harsh. Nervous when they feel attacked by others, Scorpios are also particularly jealous and suspicious. They are generally good at jobs related to psychology, but can adapt to any field.

Scorpio Traits

The Scorpio woman: energetic and charismatic 

Plenty of energy: it is the first description that we can give of the Scorpio woman. One can even evoke a hyperactive side. Lively and dynamic, she can't stand still and can't stand laziness. This energy can sometimes annoy her entourage. But this is not what will push the Scorpio woman to question herself. With her, the rule is simple: you either follow her or you don't, but that's not her problem. Charismatic, she knows how to impose herself. At work, she has a persuasive power that impresses.

And if by chance, she doesn't get what she wants, the Scorpio woman can be resentful. She may have difficulty controlling her feelings or emotions, but she always manages to get up in difficult situations. As a defence system, the Scorpio woman tends to overreact or hide in a visible indifference to others. With those around her, she is generous, but expects to receive in the same way.

The Scorpio woman in love: difficult to reach serenity

It is with her charisma and her confidence that the Scorpio woman seduces. But once the fish is in her nets, life is not always rosy. The Scorpio woman has a tendency to live tormented relationships that turn into a power struggle. This is because she doesn't like compromise, which is necessary for a healthy and balanced relationship. Particularly proud, the Scorpio woman very rarely gives in, which quickly complicates her stories.

In love, she idealizes her other half so much that she can fall down and be disappointed. However, it should be noted that she evolves and learns from her past relationships. She can thus learn to control her emotions a little better and, thus, find solutions to the problems she encounters within her couple. Honest and sincere, she can then live a more serene love story.

However, beware of love compatibility, because sparks are never far away with the Scorpio woman. With an Aries, the relationship is likely to be tumultuous. A love affair with a Gemini can be downright destructive in the long run. Indeed, when the Scorpio woman seeks sincerity from her partner, she will wonder if she can find better elsewhere. On the other hand, a Scorpio and Cancer couple will be prosperous and rich in sexual adventures. As for Capricorn, he will be able to reassure the Scorpio woman with his seriousness and stability. She will be able to blossom without worry.

Scorpio Woman

What are the traits of a scorpio man ?  

The Scorpio man: he knows how to push his limits

The Scorpio man pays attention to his image. What others think of him is important. He is constantly looking for approval and recognition. He wishes to be loved for what he is and for what he does. With others, he will never be hypocritical, even if it means hurting people by saying what he thinks. The Scorpio man does not force himself and is always sincere with his loved ones. Ambitious, he has a tendency to defy the forbidden and to test the limits.

He is not afraid of danger. As a child, he is a real daredevil. As an adult, he becomes more reasonable, but keeps this detestation of limits. However, he knows how to sacrifice himself to obtain something or for a passion. Hardworking, the Scorpio man knows what he wants and never stays inactive for long. Often on edge, he can't get over himself and can be very resentful if he doesn't get what he wants. He is easily offended.

The Scorpio man in love: tormented but generous

Mr. Scorpio can be very difficult to seduce. Indeed, he has many criteria to choose his other half. His wife must be brilliant and admired by others. For him, the physical appearance is particularly important: his partner must make others dream, must impress his entourage and impress himself. Being of a shady nature, he needs an optimistic and emotionally stable woman.

Scorpio is placed under the sign of conflicts and fantasies. They have a tendency to overflow with passions and feelings. However, Scorpios know how to control their instincts. Loyal and direct, they are willing, generous, kind and a bit idealistic.

Scorpio Man

6 things to know about this astro sign 

Some famous personalities born under the astrological sign of Scorpio: Drake, Pablo Picasso, Bill, Gates, Prince Charles, Ryan Reynolds, Indira Gandhi, for men scorpio. And for women born under this sign: Sophie Marceau, Julia Roberts, Willow Smith, Emma Stone, Grace Kelly, Demi Moore, Katy Perry.

  • Its colors are black, red and purple.
  • The minerals of Scorpio are topaz and malachite.
  • Its favorite numbers are 9 and 18. Their lucky numbers are 2 and 44.
  • Tuesday is the day of the week for them.
  • Professionally, Scorpio is a person who adapts easily to any profession, especially in the field of psychology.
  • If you know your astrological ascendant, discover your complete profile below.

 Scorpio Ascendant ♏

The character of the sign Scorpio according to its ascendants

Scorpio ascendant Aries

Impulsive and passionate, the Aries ascendant obeys his desires in a rush. However, he lacks the energy to make them last. He likes to go headlong into the things that are important to him. And in this case, it is very difficult to get in the way of an Aries ascendant.

Scorpio ascendant Taurus

The Scorpio rising Taurus has a tough character to say the least. This is certainly not a personality that you will be able to influence easily. With tenacity and stability, the Taurus ascendant puts everything in place to achieve their goals. Warm and fascinating, he has an attractive power.

Scorpio ascendant Gemini

Open, sociable and seemingly curious, the Gemini ascendant seems to be turned towards others. He knows how to express his feelings, his feelings, while showing a strong fighting spirit and tenacity. But underneath his friendly looks, he hides a fine psychologist. The Gemini ascendant can also be manipulative.

Scorpio ascendant Cancer

The Scorpio ascendant Cancer has everything to be an artist or a great lover of Arts. They have a strong sensitivity. Often on the edge of their seats, they are introverted and homebody. He is generally a passionate person and a bit of a dreamer. Difficult to define, the Cancer ascendant is moody and capricious. They tend to dwell on every wound that may have touched them.

Scorpio ascendant Leo

Being whole, the Scorpio ascendant Leo does not do half measures. He lives in a total way, between passions, emotions and desires. Energetic and ambitious, the Leo ascendant has a certain ego and likes to lead. Determined and willing, they find pleasure in fighting and struggling to achieve their goals.

Scorpio ascendant Virgo

The Virgo ascendant is balanced and reasoned, and attenuates the aggressive and passionate character of Scorpio. Lucid, even a little too much so, he tends to curb his desires. His lack of self-confidence also slows down his impulses. Introverted, the Virgo ascendant can nevertheless surprise and be tough or manipulative.

Scorpio ascendant Libra 

Seductive, charming and charismatic, the Scorpio ascendant Libra has a sense of contact. In public, he knows how to be diplomatic and to please. While integrating easily into a group, they always manage to stand out from the crowd. Skillful, the Libra ascendant knows how to get his message across and obtain what he wants. In love, however, they can be indecisive.

Scorpio ascendant

The Scorpio ascendant lives at 100%. They love the intensity of the world. Passionate, tenacious, combative and lucid, he likes to stand out from the crowd. His need to exist gives him important resources that allow him to hold on in case of difficulties. Moderation is not his style: the Scorpio ascendant can seem aggressive or often on edge.

Scorpio ascendant Sagittarius

Curious, the Sagittarius ascendant is both attracted by the riches of the world and by human nature. Avid and open-minded, they love to learn and experience. More optimistic than a Scorpio, they are tolerant and warm towards others. Idealistic, the Sagittarius ascendant tends to think big: he likes large-scale actions carried out with care and precision.

Scorpio rising Capricorn

A serious personality bordering on rigidity: the Capricorn ascendant Scorpio is an introvert with unmatched composure. An enigma to others, he may seem a little ungenerous. In reality, it is a great concern for protection that dominates in the Capricorn ascendant. In life, he relies on work and success. On the other hand, adaptation and tact are not his strong points.

Scorpio ascendant Aquarius

What a complex personality! While Scorpio brings tenacity and calculation, Aquarius is facetious. The result of this curious mix is an original, somewhat extroverted and particularly warm person. The Aquarius ascendant is very fond of his freedom, even if it means imposing his way of seeing things.

Scorpio ascendant Pisces

Emotions and feelings are the order of the day. Pisces ascendants are unable to hide their sensitivity. Particularly intuitive, they adapt easily and in all circumstances. No matter what happens, the Scorpio ascendant Pisces finds his way. In love with life, he has the constant concern to fill his close relations.

What are good scorpios at ? 

Thanks to their imagination, Scorpios are very resourceful and face all challenges with logic. While they have many secrets, Scorpios are also very loyal. They know how to keep everything to themselves and are trustworthy. This makes them very good friends.

What are scorpios known for ? 

Scorpios are the champions of tenacity, they don't give up. For example, if they have a project in mind, they go through with it and never give up. If a dish is too hot and needs to be brought to the table, they will never let go. And if you are hanging in the air they will always reach out to you.

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