What is the most jealous Zodiac Sign ?

What is the most jealous Zodiac Sign ?

Feeling jealousy in love when you are a couple is a natural and very common phenomenon. However, this feeling is expressed with more or less intensity depending on the person. According to astrology, this character trait is particularly dominant in those born between October 23rd and November 22nd.

Suspicious by nature, the sign of Scorpio is indeed by far the most jealous of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, a planet associated with aggression and passion, this Water sign is "passionate and excessive. With him, it's all or nothing, there is no middle ground. Either he loves you or he hates you".


When it comes to jealousy, Scorpios have no limits and beat all records. He can follow you and spy on your every move to make sure you don't do something irreparable. He retains everything and collects evidence to support his intimate certainties.

With time, he can isolate you from the rest of the world to be sure that you will not escape him. He wants you under control because deep down, he is afraid of being alone with his existential anguish.

What makes a scorpio jealous ? 

The mere idea of being able to lose his half to another person is unbearable for him. This sign, also ruled by Pluto, a planet that symbolizes the end of things and regeneration, does not give his trust easily and "lives everything very intensely", which can damage the relationship.

These natives tend "to destroy to rebuild everything", continues the specialist, who recalls that these are generalities. Indeed, to have a precise and complete analysis, it is also necessary to take into account the ascendant, the Moon, and the other characteristics of the astral chart.

Jealous Scorpio Woman

How do scorpios cope it ?

When jealousy invades his mind, he will have disproportionate reactions, as he has difficulty managing his emotions. "A jealous Scorpio is no longer in control".

A loss of control is of course often a source of conflict. And if he feels hurt and betrayed, he will "seek revenge" and, like any self-respecting clawed animal, "he will not let go, even after years".

How do scorpions behave in Love?

The native of Scorpio can remain single for a long time because he likes the games of seduction. He adores women and can't bring himself to be the man of only one of these so magnetic creatures.

But when he finds the woman of his life, he can commit himself very quickly, which surprises everyone. The Scorpio is an attentive and very tender life partner who knows how to assume his role and do everything to make the love last forever.

Unfortunately, he can also be possessive and jealous, especially when he feels that you are slipping away from him and that he no longer has the monopoly of seduction. This behavior is also a way to test your feelings, to put your love to the test.


The Scorpio is capable of making concessions even if he is usually worried when he has to change his habits. If he moves, it's because he thinks your love is worth it and that he's truly in love with you.


Known for his legendary outbursts and tantrums, Scorpio needs to express himself with force and violence, even if it means doing damage. They are not always willing to give up this theatrical way of shouting their feelings.

If you find it difficult to accept his mood swings, he may take it as a profound challenge to his inner self. It is his way of existing, respect it and learn to assert yourself in front of him in a quiet way. It is only on this condition that a miracle could take place!

Relationship of Scorpio People

The loyalty of the Scorpio man

Perfect if you like complications.

When he loves, it is with all his being. The Scorpio man is therefore a faithful suitor who knows how to commit himself.

Despite this, his deep attraction to sex leads him to seek other pleasures than those he can experience in his married life.

They are prone to temptation and are fond of relationships where they are in control.

Unfaithful, he will always know how to manipulate you skilfully to let you think that this hidden love that he maintains is beneficial to your couple.

How to leave a Scorpio man ?

Determined, sure of himself, the Scorpio is always very tenacious. He may not take kindly to your desire for independence and maybe very hostile to your decision to end your relationship.

To discourage him, there's nothing like a good dose of coldness in your intimate relationship. Scorpio places a high value on sensuality and sexuality in a relationship.

If you show little interest in his assaults, he will be deeply disappointed by your insensitivity, your coldness and he will seriously question his talents as a great seducer, which he is not used to doing.

To get rid of him for good, be frivolous, superficial, and light. Hold him back with idle talk and always try to find out what he's thinking. He hates it!

How does a scorpio man leave you ?

Scorpios have their way of breaking up, a real thunderbolt in a serene sky.

He does things with a lot of noise, with violence even. All the ties of the past are broken suddenly, without any prior indications that could have allowed his partner to prepare herself a little bit for this event.

He often expresses all the emotions he has internalized in one block: anger, resentment, anguish...

He never takes any precautions and it is often a shock for the woman who still loves him.

His decision is irrevocable, no need to try to make him change his mind.

Jealous Scorpio Man

Keep that in Mind

Scorpios are NOT the worse Zodiac person, actually, no one is perfect. Simply note that some people are more sensitive and proud than others. We do all react differently !

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