What is a Scorpion ?

What is a Scorpion ?

Today, we are going to provide you with a description of this mysterious and majestic animal: the scorpion.

What does a scorpion look like ?

We can say that this animal is composed of three parts. The head, the carapace and its belly end in a tail straightened vertically. Its tail is formed by 5 rings and the last one carries a vesicle loaded with venom. It also has pincers with which it holds its prey and cuts it.

It is a robust animal that can withstand temperature variations of up to 50 degrees Celsius. It is a champion of fasting. It can live 3 years without food, but not without water.

It uses its pincers to capture small preys like insects and others. But it will use its paralyzing venom for bigger preys like rodents, snakes etc...

Black Scorpion


Are scorpions bugs ?

The scorpion is a distant relative of the spider. It is an invertebrate animal of the arachnid class. Most people ask themselves how many legs does scorpion has. Well, like spiders, it has four pairs of legs.

Are scorpions deadly ?

There are more than a thousand species of scorpions, all of them are venomous, but only about twenty of them have a deadly sting.

The sting of all scorpions is not fatal, but the one that is can lead to death in a few hours, either by cardiac arrest or paralysis of the breathing muscles.

What do scorpions eat ?

Scorpions are essentially insectivorous predators. They feed only on living prey that they paralyze with their venom or hold firmly between their claws (called pedipalps). However, they use their venom sparingly, as it takes two weeks to replenish their supply. The sting of the caudal sting, very painful, produces accidents that can become fatal for humans, especially when it comes to the large Androctonus of Africa and Centruroides of South America.

Where do scorpions live?

Their activity is mainly nocturnal and twilight. It fears the sun and hides all day to come out to eat only in the evening. The majority of scorpions frequent the rocky and sandy regions of deserts, living in burrows, under stones, or in crevices. Others live in savannahs, in dry or humid forests, either in burrows or under fallen bark, in stumps or trees.

How many eyes do scorpions have?

Depending on the species, the scorpion is covered on its dorsal side by the carapace (or shield) which carries two median eyes and two to five pairs of smaller lateral eyes. This gives them 360-degree vision but despite this, its sight is not very good.

How many babies do scorpions have?

There is no specific time for lovemaking and it happens that the female devours the male after fertilization. Gestation lasts 15 to 16 months. The young are already formed at birth. There are 25 to 60 babies, but they are not all born at the same time. They take refuge on their mother's back and after a week, they will undergo a molt, then after a certain time they will leave to live their own life.

Here is a picture of Scorpions Babies on the Back of a Striped Bark Scorpion.

Striped Bark Scorpion with babies Scorpions Store

What kills scorpions ?

The scorpion has many enemies and predators. Among them are the shrew, the mongoose, the meerkat, the baboon, the praying mantis, the mygale and many others.

Here is a video of a shrew attacking a scorpion. As you can see, the scorpion’s tail and claws don’t scare the shrew at all !

How long do scorpions live ?

The life span of the scorpion varies from 2 to 8 years but some could live as long as 25 years !

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