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Scorpion Ring

Our Scorpion Ring collection is made for Scorpions Fans !
Discover our range of Jewelry dedicated to this majestic insect.

Our models of Scorpion rings for women and for men will full your heart !

Sophisticated or Simple rings, our selection has been created for people who are not afraid of this creature and do enjoy what it represent: power and tenacity.

Some of our models are one size fits all and others are adjustable to keep them for life.

Made of zinc, stainless steel or silver, our handmade rings fit everyone’s finger.
Have a look at our catalog to choose the jewel that suits you best.

They are also ideal to offer!

Should you need originals pendants for your necklaces, here is our Scorpions Pendant collection. We do bet you are going to like them.


Scorpion Jewelry

Scorpion Biker Ring


Scorpion Jewelry

Scorpion Ring Silver