Scorpio Ring

Our Scorpio Ring collection is made for you !
Discover our range of Astrology and Zodiac Jewelry for everyday

Our models of Scorpio rings for women or for men will answer all your desires.

Simple rings or encrusted with stones, refined or sophisticated, playing on the curves, you have a wide choice of rings bringing together the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Some of our models are one size fits all and others are adjustable to keep them for life.

We find the symbolism that Scorpions Store highlights in all its collections related to astrology, constellations and the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Made of zinc, stainless steel or silver, with zirconium oxide stones, modern or vintage, our handmade rings fit a woman's finger as well as a man's finger. We even offer mixed models, ideal for a couple.

Take advantage of our catalog to choose the jewel that suits you best. They are also ideal to offer!

We do provide different style and design for the 12 astrology signs.

We also have the capacity to provide you the entire horoscope signs as Scorpio necklaces and Scorpio Pendants. Simply have a look at the picture displaying them, pick the one you want, mention It in the blank case, add it to your card and pay. We will send it to you asap!